Dynamics and Principles Generator

Generate a random list of Tanztheater dynamics and / or principles. The dynamics / principles are sourced from choreographer Adrian Look: lookatmovement.co.uk.            

You can select:               

  1. Number of dynamics or principles to generate (item)
  2. Type of item to generate (dynamic, principle, or both)
  3. How many principles you want inbetween each dynamic (when type Dynamic and Principles is selected) 
  4. The speak delay (how long in seconds it will wait in between saying each dynamic or principle).

Additionally, you can use the checkboxes to add modifiers such as chest position, body parts, or adjectives.         

There is also a ‘Speak’ function that will say the generated list using your speakers.        
Powerful Drop (Forehead)
Dynamic Throw (Inside Line of Arm)
High Release
Vigorous Flick (Inside Knee)
Powerful Punch (Hip Bone)